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jityu hamesha gujarat

“Jityu Hamesha Gujarat ” is an Anthem for Gujarat sung by 25 celebrity Gujarati singers ( Praful Dave, Aishwarya Majumdar, Padmashree Diwaliben Bhil, Ashit Desai, Hari Bharwad, Mouli Dave, Arti Munshi, Alap Desai, Hardik Dave, Shyamal Munshi, Saumil Munshi, Abhesinh Rathod, Achal Mehta, Uday Majumdar, Falguni Sheth, Dilip Dholakia, Purushottam Upadyay, Hema Desai. Hemant Chauhan, Karasan Sagathia, Keerti Sagathia, Neeraj Parikh, Biharidan Gadhvi, Damayanti Bardai, Bharti Kunchala, Viraj Upadhyay and Bijal Upadhyay).

Inspired from the epic war song KASUMBI NO RANG ( written by ‘National Poet’ Zaverchand Meghani and composed and sung by legendary singer Hemu Gadhvi) ” Jityu Hamesha Gujarat” has been re-written in the context of contemporary Gujarat by Manish Bhatt ( a Mumbai based Gujarati and senior creative professional in the Ad world) and re-composed by Rajat Dholakia ( a renowned Gujarati composer in Ad world and Hindi Cinema, famous for his national awards winner background scores for PARINDA and MIRCH MASALA movies).

In its lyrics, the anthem reflects the non-negotiable and unshakable spirit of Gujarat in its good times of current era and even during its bad times like wars, invasions, rules by foreigners, fall of industries and trade, natural calamities. It also reinforces that true Gujarati spirit has never got defeated just like its world leaders Gandhi and Sardar. The voice of Gujarati heart will never blur, fade away or defuse in the loud noise of the world. The anthem is summarised by the famous lyrics by Narmad, “JAI JAI GARVI GUJARAT”.

The anthem is requested to be played at radio channels, as pipe music of public places, at public events and schools.

To support the anthem further, a four minute music video has been conceived by Manish Bhatt and produced and directed by Prashant Bharadwaj and Dipu Anthikad of B R Chopra Films.

The video features everything from the state - its sand, seas, gardens and heritage sites, celebrities and commoners, industries and even riots.

The video also feature some successful people from the state in the entertainment industry like Prachi Desai ( ROCKON fame), Miss India Earth Tanvi Vyas, serial star Nidhi Sheth and Trupti Arya Vora ( My friend Ganesha fame).

The coordination of recording and production of video and mammoth task of bringing together 25 Celebrity artistes could have been impossible without the hard work and efforts of Khantil Mehta, Nishit Shah and Deval Panchal of GOBANANAS event company.

The Cinematography of the video was done by Mahesh Limaye, who shot Bollywood movies like Fashion, Corporate and Traffic Signal.

It has been shot at scenic locations of Gujarat like Little Rann of Kutch ( Dasada), River Narmada / Karjan Dam, Somnath / Arabian Sea, Tithal Beach of Valsad, Khadia ni Pol of Ahmedabad ,Half constructed Bridge of Sabarmati, Gandhi Ashram, Gallops Mall Street of Ahmedabad and Adalaj ni Vav.

The video will soon be shown at major TV Channels, Cinema halls, Public Places, and Public events related to Gujarati community all over the world.

The video & song will also be available on the Internet to download

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Best Gujarati MP3 Songs

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Paan Lilu joyu ne tame yaad aavyaa.....

Poet: Harindra Dave

paan leelu joyu ne tame yaad aavyaa
jaaNe mosam no pehlo varsaad jheelyo raam
ek taraNu koLyu ne tame yaad aavyaa

kyaak pankhi Tahukyu ne tame yaad aavyaa
jaaNe shraawaN na aabh maa ughaaD thayo raam
ek taaro Tamakyo ne tame yaad aavyaa

jaraa gaagar jhalki ne tame yaad aavyaa
jaaNe kaanTha toDe chhe koi mehraamaN raam
sahej chaandni chhalki ne tame yaad aavyaa

koi Thaalu malakyu ne tame yaad aavyaa
jaaNe kanuDaa naa mukh maa bhrahmaaD diThu raam
koi aankhe vaLagyu ne tame yaad aavyaa

koi aangaN aTakyu ne tame yaad aavyaa
jaaNe pagarav ni duniya maa shor thayo raam
ek pagalu upaDyu ne tame yaad aavyaa

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